Important Tests for Thyroid Health

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the front part of your neck that affects most organs in your body. It secretes two...
Healthy Heart Tips

The secret to a healthy heart

A healthy heart is a healthy life, but how do you keep the heart healthy?
Sitting Disease

Rising Threat of Sitting Disease

If someone asks which is the biggest disease that can harm us, many of us might say...
fasting Blood Sugar


What is a Fasting Blood Sugar Test? Fasting blood sugar (FBS) test determines the actual concentration of glucose in your blood without consuming any diet....
vitamin B12 level

What does your low vitamin B12 level can mean?

Experiencing numbness, swollen tongue, coordination problem, disturbed vision? You may be deficient of vitamin B12
Weakening Knees

Find the reasons for weakening knees with simple tests

More pain, no gain. Knee Pain dictates your movement, your life ?? Get them tested to route...
Diabetes: Which test to take up when?

Diabetes: Which test to take up when?

From HbA1c to Fructosamine and blood glucose to insulin, different tests with similar results for Diabetes. Know...
Stay Fit

Fight the fat: Stay fit to the finish!

Are you aware that being overweight can harm you more than being underweight? Yes! It's true read...
Diagnose Obesity

Is there a test to diagnose Obesity?

Obesity!! Are you staying in denial? Nobody accepts being obese.. Come to terms with it... Read to know... Are...
prevent heart attack

How Physical Activity Helps Prevent Heart Attacks

How to prevent heart attack? Healthy lifestyle habits are probably the best defense you can have against heart diseases. When you combine a healthy...