Worried about Breast Cancer? Eat Broccoli!


Worried about Breast Cancer?

For all you women out there, here’s just another reason why you should add the green headed flower in your food platter. Yes! We are talking about broccoli, yet another member of the cruciferous vegetables family which is found to aid in cancer prevention. Let’s see what it has in store for women who are suffering from or are at risk of breast cancer.


Cruciferous vegetables show high content of one particular compound – ‘Sulforaphane’ which has antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic properties. As an anti-carcinogen, sulforaphane helps to maintain balance in levels of antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are essential molecules that help to combat the harmful effects of various dietary, environmental and other types of carcinogens. More to add, sulforaphane is also found to increase the anti-cancer effects of chemotherapy drug – Taxol. Broccoli sprouts are also known to harbor 50 times the anti-cancer property of broccoli.

Why broccoli over other cruciferous vegetables?

Studies have proven that broccoli among the entire cruciferous family has the highest content of sulforaphane making it yet another potent anti-cancer weapon. Next in line with high content of sulforaphane is purple cabbage and green cabbage.

Breast cancer and broccoli

Though broccoli shows anti-cancer property, it has a lot to contribute towards ceasing the development and recurrence of breast cancer among woman. Broccoli exclusively has been studied to understand its effect towards breast cancer. It is found that broccoli has a unique ability to suppress growth & division of cancerous cells and also to some extent promote the death of cancerous stem cells.

Frequent consumption of broccoli is also known to reduce levels of a particular estrogen metabolite – ‘16alpha-hydroxyestrone’ which is capable of promoting breast cancer in females. Consumption of broccoli by premenopausal women can also contribute to lowering the risk towards breast cancer in later stages of life. However thyroid affected women need to beware as consumption of broccoli interferes with thyroid hormone formation (especially in iodine deficient females).

Breast cancer is a growing concern among woman, hence it is imperative to be aware about the various ways of preventing it. Though broccoli is found to be a good anti-cancer vegetable, complete dependence on such foods is not advised. Frequent evaluation of breasts by self for presence of any lumps and also medical consultation is essential. Also, minimizing or avoiding lifestyle habits such as smoking, that may additionally contribute in provoking the onset of the disease is important. If breast cancer has been running in family, (a close relative such as mother, grandmother, maternal aunts has been affected) genetic counseling is advisable as this helps in voiding the chances of being at risk.

A woman is filled with immense strength to meet the demands of her family and professional life. But somewhere she fails to realise that her body demands attention and care too. Tend to its little needs at proper time, so you are fit to meet your vocation’s demands.

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