Human Growth Hormone Secretion: Can You Optimize Its Level?

Foods That Increase HGH

Many of us may not be aware that the rate of height gain is regulated by the pituitary gland through the secretion of certain hormones. Human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH, is responsible for regulating growth, cell repair, body composition, and healing after injury or stress. This hormone is released during deep sleep.

Therefore, hormones are very important for physical and mental well-being, weight loss, body composition, and aging. Decreased growth hormone levels can increase the risk associated with disease and abnormal weight gain. Interestingly, some foods help increase growth hormone levels, improve growth, repair cells, and lose weight. Therefore, it can be beneficial to include it in your diet regularly.

Foods that increase HGH


Among the many famous morning glory flowers suggested by nutrition experts, such as blueberries, dried fruits, and more, raspberries may have surprising effects on growth hormone secretion. So, a related study found that including melanin-rich foods like raspberries could increase human growth hormone secretion by about 157%. So, for better nutrition, include oatmeal and raspberries in your morning routine.

Fish: Complimentary Add On

Experts have suggested that vitamin D-related deficiency may have a direct effect on growth hormone secretion. Fortunately, including fish regularly in your diet can solve this problem. salmon and mackerel have been suggested as part of foods that increase growth hormones for growth.

Pineapple: The Sleeping Giant

When you sleep well, you release the human growth hormone. Certain foods like pineapple should be consumed regularly to sustain good sleep. These food are a good source of the sleep hormone. It works as a stress buster and makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Some other ways through which you can increase the secretion of human growth hormone!

Apart from including foods that increase HGH, certain other lifestyle changes can also stimulate the secretion of growth hormones in your body.

Weight loss:

Studies have confirmed that belly fat can have a direct association with the secretion of HGH. Thus, it is important to reduce belly fat for the better secretion of human growth hormones.

Intermittent fasting:

Experts have suggested that people who fast intermittently have relatively high secretion of HGH. Thus, intermittent fasting can be helpful to optimize the secretion of HGH in your body.

Reduced sugar intake:

Decreased intake of refined carbs and direct sugars can help you optimize insulin levels, which in turn can regulate the secretion of growth hormones. Moreover, excessive intake of sugar can promote weight gain and affect the secretion of growth hormones.

The bottom line is that human growth hormone is an important hormone, responsible for your body composition and overall wellbeing. With proper diet and lifestyle changes, you can control its secretion to some extent. With diagnostic advancements today, it is possible to know the secretion profile of human growth hormone in your body, through the human growth hormone test available.