Process of Blood Testing at Thyrocare


Blood Testing Process At Thyrocare

Thyrocare is a leading Indian diagnostic brand making available preventative health care and world-class diagnostics at very affordable prices for people across the country to access.

With its state-of-the-art laboratory and world’s largest track – Aptio that processes above 50 thousand samples and more than 2 lakh investigations, Thyrocare delivers high-quality preventive health check-up packages on a PAN-India basis.

Over the years, Thyrocare has launched itself in cancer diagnostics, apart from thyroid, diabetes, vitamin, and other range of tests. It has been bestowed with national and international quality accreditation like ISO, NABL, and CAP.

As we talk about efficiency, accuracy, and transparency we consistently keep up while delivering our service, this blog will help you gain insight into the process of blood testing at Thyrocare.

The process of blood testing undergoes three important stages

  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Report


Thyrocare has a highly trained staff of blood technicians for the collection of blood samples. Once you register for a blood test, our technicians visit early morning for collection. Our franchises are located all over, which helps us reach you at the earliest, wherever you are.

Moreover, we provide services to hospitals, labs, and poly-clinics. To ensure the quality of samples collected, we put a lot of emphasis on packaging and dispatching. Our logistics team assures 100% safety and quality of every sample collected. We make use of specialized ice packs and thermostat boxes to maintain the integrity of the samples.

The logistic team enables the sample to reach the central laboratory or the regional laboratory in time. With the help of logistics, Thyrocare is able to provide its services across the length and breadth of the country.

2. Processing

After collection comes processing. The blood samples reach the central processing laboratory for analysis. It is segregated and bar-coded for accuracy and data generation. The laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment and it is completely automated. It has implemented the Aptio track by Siemens – the world’s longest track that eases operations in pre and post-analysis. Likewise, it has many high-performance analyzers such Bio-Rad, Sysmex, Olympus, etc from the top brands.

Here, the blood sample is processed upon the type of test and stored for minimum two days in case of reference. The automation technology helps to manage TAT, efficiency and accuracy.

3. Report

Report generation is the final step in the process of blood testing. This phase is also automated for fastening the process of report delivery. A soft and hard copy of the report is made available. Thyrocare maintains minimum TAT for report delivery.
In this manner, a blood sample travels through three main phases. Overall, Thyrocare provides more than 2 lakh investigations.

Below mentioned are some of the blood tests/profiles available in Thyrocare

  1. TSH test
  2. HbA1c test
  3. Total Thyroxine
  4. Total Triiodothyronine
  5. Vitamin B 12
  6. Diabetes profile
  7. Lipase
  8. Amylase
  9. Calcium
  10. Hepatitis
  11. Cortisol

You can avail any of the tests/profiles at a cost-effective price. In order to get the best deals to visit Thyrocare’s web page and know about the health packages and other offers.