From Hypothyroid to Healthy


What is Hypothyroid

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces low levels of the thyroid hormones. It is one of the most prevalent health concerns and is also called as underactive thyroid disease.

Thyroid gland releases vital hormones like T3, T4, which regulate metabolism and affect functions of heart, brain, and muscles. Due to an underactive thyroid, body functions are hindered and slowed down, and the risk of other health concerns increases. Other than that, hypothyroidism can also lead to an increase in cholesterol (LDL) levels, – further increasing heart risk.

While your doctor helps you manage hypothyroidism with medications and other alternatives, it is important to rely on diet and lifestyle changes other than conventional treatments to lead a healthy life with the hypothyroid condition.

It is also suggested to keep a regular check on your thyroid with tests like T3, T4 or TSH. These tests help you monitor thyroid function as well as tweak your medications plan whenever necessary.

With your overall health at stake, it becomes imperative to manage your hypothyroid through the below-mentioned tips on modifying diet and lifestyle along with medications.

Eat healthily

Include in your daily meal healthy fats, proteins, fruits, whole grains, and fresh veggies. Break your meals into small portions to gain maximum energy throughout the day. Generally, people tend to gain weight in hypothyroidism, however, a healthy diet will help you to avoid extra calories, therefore keeping you fit.

Physical exercise


Exercise is good for maintaining over-all fitness and wellbeing. It is necessary to stick to a routine and follow it regularly. Mix various forms such as yoga, walking, weight lifting, swimming, etc. and ensure that you follow your exercise routine without a miss. It will help you boost energy levels, reduce stress and manage your body weight.

Avoid Stress 

Any kind of illness causes stress, even if it is managed and well treated by your doctor. To prevent sickness taking a toll on your overall wellbeing, practice meditation or deep breathing. You can also schedule massage therapy for relaxing yourself.

Early to Bed 

A person suffering from hypothyroidism often feels tired/fatigued. Retiring to bed early can help. It is imperative to schedule a plan and adhere it. Sleep and rise at a fixed time every day, also on weekends. Those who face trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep should seek help from their doctor.

Adhere to medications

It is advisable for a person suffering from hypothyroidism to follow through timely medications, a healthy diet plan and an exercise routine. A combination of these will help a person achieve optimum health.

Make the most of these tips and lead a healthy life with hypothyroidism.