10 Signs & Symptoms Of Thyroid Issues In Women

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Signs Of Thyroid Issues in Women

Thyroid Issues In Women Symptoms, The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is an important part of the endocrine system which helps in regulating hormones in the body, thereby, maintaining growth, energy, and metabolism in an individual. However, over-or under-use of the thyroid gland often leads to health issues such as Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Usually, women are five to eight times more prone to thyroid problems than men. Here are a few signs that help to identify thyroid symptoms in girls.

1. Change in Weight

Hypothyroidism slows down the metabolism as a result of the reduced activity of the thyroid gland. This leads to weight gain in girls. The reverse is true for hyperthyroidism, wherein, over-activity of the thyroid gland leads to weight gain.

2. Constipation

With a slow metabolic rate in hypothyroidism, another common symptom of thyroid observed in girls is constipation. One can notice this by the less number of washroom visits, whereas in hyperthyroidism the washroom visits increase but the stool is not super-solid.

3. Feeling Fatigued & Muscle Aches

A noticeable thyroid symptom in girls is feeling dull and less energetic. Another set of prominent thyroid symptoms in girls is feeling muscle aches, weakness, and joint stiffness which ends up making the individual feel tired and lazy throughout the day. In both, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, a change in metabolic rate results in an imbalance in the overall system. Hence, a woman should go for a Thyroid Test regularly.

4. Mental Health Issues

Hypothyroidism often leads to depression in girls, whereas in the case of hyperthyroidism it feels more irritable, anxious, and tremulous. In both cases, people lose their mental control and often are advised to seek mental health therapy.

5. Irregularity in Periods

Hyperthyroidism causes less blood flow as compared to hypothyroidism, which results in heavy blood flow. Either way, this is harmful to the normal menstrual cycle of the body and hence, becomes an essential thyroid symptom in girls to be identified and get treated.

6. Hair and Skin Change

Identifying thyroid symptoms in girls is thinning of hair and the drying texture of the skin. Both cases of thyroid cause these changes in the texture of hair and skin in girls.

7. Change in Blood Pressure

Hyperthyroidism increases blood pressure and hypothyroidism slows down the blood pressure. Either case is harmful to the body because in the long run it would affect a host of organs and tissues and result in heart failure.

8. Puffiness in Eyes & Lower Body

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause puffy, protruding, dry, irritated eyes and some visual changes too. Sudden noticeable swelling in the feet, ankle joints, knees, and hips is a sign of fluid retention, caused due to hypothyroidism.

9. Change in Body Temperature

Temperature sensitivity could be a possible thyroid symptom in girls because hypothyroidism makes the body feel cold more than the normal temperature whereas hyperthyroidism makes the body more heat sensitive.

10. Change in eyebrows

In most cases, the thinning of eyebrows around the corners is due to hyper- and hypothyroidism in girls and requires immediate attention by a physician.