Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Cancer?

Obesity Cancer Risk

Obesity Risk

Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Cancer? People are more terrified of smoke and tobacco, what about the junk we consume!!

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition in which a person’s body has more than the required amount of fat deposition and this can obstruct normal functioning.

What can make you obese?

  • Excessive food intake.
  • Unhealthy high fat and sugar-containing diet
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Genetic factors
  • Improper sleep pattern
  • Certain medical conditions

When is one termed as Obese?

One is considered obese if the ratio of weight and height (Body Mass Index- BMI) is greater than 35kg/m2. It is suggested by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) to maintain a BMI between 21 to 23 kg/m2.

Obesity and Cancer- The Link!

Obesity has been found to be linked with different types of cancers involving the breast, esophagus (food pipe), endometrium stomach lining, intestines, and many others.

  • The body cells follow the mechanism of the blackboard and the book. The manner in which information from the blackboard is copied in the book, likewise the cells replicate (copy) themselves and make identical cells.
  • But sometimes errors may occur and the copies are not the same as the parent. These cells are termed “mutated cells”.
  • This mutation results in making multiple copies of the cells than actually required; an excess number of cells demands more energy.
  • An obese individual tends to have a higher amount of fasting blood glucose which allows these mutated cells to multiply easily.
  • The uncontrolled division results in many biological dysfunctions like the increased release of human growth hormone; in turn, resulting in the production of more such cells.
  • Increased secretion of sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone produces fat cells which stack up in their body tissues.
  • Tumors tend to invade the adipocytes, which are fat cells present excessively in obese individuals.


Healthy lifestyles and physical activities are modifiable causes of obesity. CANCER? Yes!! The occurrence of cancer can be reduced by testing yourself at right time and living a bulge-free life!!

“Choice of lifestyle or Compulsion of medicine. Needs to be decided !!”