Corporate Wellness : Invest in your Employee’s ‘Health’

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

In our day-to-day life, we are so busy balancing everything from the office to home and socializing with friends that we often end up ignoring our health. Somehow we try to put some effort like jogging, exercising, and engaging in a sport and make them a part of our routine but does it really happen?. What if we take efforts to maintain our wellness at the workplace since we spend a majority of our time there. Just imagine, if you could spare a little time daily for your wellness at work then, you need not worry about dedicating an extra hour for a workout. A lot of time could be saved and the efficiency of your performance will automatically improve.

Nowadays, many companies do organize corporate camps offering their employees preventive health checkup packages at discounted rates, helping them monitor their health and well-being, indirectly ensuring increased productivity levels. Such practices of creating awareness about their health is beneficial for both employer and employees. Due to this, the popularity of employee fitness and wellness programs has shown a tremendous rise.

1st to 5th July is celebrated as ’Corporate Wellness’ Week so, grab this opportunity to lower your business costs by investing in your staff. If you need some ideas to promote employee wellness, here are a few innovative ways in which you can conduct corporate health and wellness programs.

Social Networking: Believe it or not but social media plays a crucial role in engaging people these days. You can send them invites for attending a health checkups camp or any special offers or packages you have for them. This can also be useful to create curiosity and spread awareness about the benefits of health checkups so that maximum employees become aware of it and attend the event. You can also conduct social media contests within the organization on how crucial a preventive health check can be for every individual working for long hours continuously and can give away free preventive health services to winners.

Technology: These days most companies have their own App offering a range of activities and services from logging in to booking food for the canteen. One can also promote health care services with special discounts through their company App for their employees, Company website can be used to advertise along with different channels within the organization to engage maximum employees.

Creativity: Come up with a unique strategy to promote and successfully run any healthcare initiatives in your company. While planning, keep in mind a few short-term and long-term goals for the employee and the employer. If your purpose is to cater to the healthcare needs based on any current widespread disease that is trending in the news then, chances are that maximum people may turn up for the event.

Awareness: Only health checkups won’t be sufficient to maintain your employee wellness but it will have a cumulative effect due to their awareness about health problems, communication regarding them, and encourage them to engage in some form of physical activity or even ‘Yoga’ incorporate. Conducting motivational health sessions addressing deleterious habits such as smoking, drinking, etc, and encouraging them to quit could be life-changing for your employees. A lot of the simple issues and problems relating to improper postures and their effects on employees who are sedentary for long periods can be solved by promoting ergonomics in the office.

So, irrespective of the brand, field or workflow of a company, emphasis should be on the health and wellness of every individual as, the healthier the employee gets, the wealthier the company will be.