Thyroid Hormone: Should You Worry About It?


While each one of us is struggling for a good body and youthful glow today; we tend to ignore the special role hormones play at the same. The thyroid hormone is a crucial player in controlling all the metabolic activities in our body. Due to certain causes of thyroid in females, body tends to produce too much or too little of it. This makes us feel tired, restless, gain weight; especially during or after pregnancy and menopause.

Read on further to know more about thyroid hormone and why is it important?

With rising prevalence, we carry many myths and mysteries about this hormone and equate it to conditions that are incurable and lifelong medications. However, in reality, all thyroid-associated problems are easy to diagnose with the help of T3-T4 and TSH tests and are curable.

Importance of Thyroid Hormones

Before moving ahead to know the causes of thyroid in females; we should know its importance. It is highly critical to regulating all cellular and metabolic processes of our body. The thyroid hormone supports and maintains important functions like memory, energy levels, bone health, bone marrow production, proper functioning of cardiovascular systems as well as gut functioning.

Causes of Thyroid in Females

It is well-acknowledged fact that women are more prone to a disturbance in thyroid hormone as compared to males. The reasons for the same are not much elaborated so far, but certain general reasons can be:

Genetic predisposition

Studies have indicated that the development of thyroid imbalance can be linked with genetic predisposition and autoimmune disorders. Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to autoimmune disorders than males. Some of the reasons for the same include increased stress, lack of sufficient calcium during/after pregnancy, lifestyle choices like lack of sufficient iodine intake, birth control pills, lack of regular exercise.


In general, women have to deal with many triggers in a day. Children, household duties, personal and professional balance make them choosy about the food they eat and the lifestyle they chose for themselves. This has a direct impact on the hormonal levels and susceptibility towards the same.


The decision to be a mother welcomes many changes in a woman’s life. A woman has to go through a series of hormonal changes during and even after pregnancy; making her more susceptible to thyroid imbalance. Studies have indicated that even after menopause series of changes occur in a woman’s life that may make her susceptible to hormonal imbalance.

Excessive steroidal consumption

Long-term intake of steroidal medicines, hormonal supplements during a process of birth control or due to chronic illness are some of the important causes of thyroid in females.

With the right treatment at right time, it is possible to manage the negative impacts of thyroid hormones. It is thus important to seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing any of the common symptoms like fatigue, unexplained weight gain, frequent mood swings, lack of energy, etc.