How barcoding eliminates errors

How barcoding eliminates errors

errors are inherent to human intervention. Technology has however gifted human’s power to automate and then attest to an error-free environment. Barcoding is first!

How barcoding eliminates errors

Errors are generally equated to service or product quality and can greatly impact brand value. Automations to a large extent have helped in curbing manual errors in many aspects of workflow, but data input of appropriate identifiers and tagging also is a key to group/saving any kind of information accurately.

  • Healthcare is a business that attends to millions of patient/client needs in a day using a workforce of few hundred thousand.
  • Data management is crucial in such states to prevent patient data mix-ups, wrong diagnoses, and well inappropriate treatment.
  • How many times have we doubted the accuracy of the diagnostic report we receive?
  • I am sure the majority reading this now will reflect back on that one fleeting memory of doubt. When the reports show something utterly serious not associated with any symptoms experienced or otherwise many suspect goof up and a few also go back to challenging the reports.
  • Sample/client misidentification apart from psychological stress also has financial ramifications.
  • The one means which has greatly minimized errors in business operations is “Barcoding” . For the client, it can definitely provide a breath of relief.
  • Barcodes facilitate a unique identifier source imbibing all patient/client details which can be easily checked and retrieved at any stage by a single scanner.

Why Barcodes?

  1. Helps in the error-free sample collection process
  2. Reduced labeling error on specimens collected
  3. Less manual intervention pertaining to physical entry of patient details
  4. Increases patient safety and compliance
  5. Barcoded wrist bands among patients in hospitals is used for tracking ongoing treatment and outcome effectively
  6. Cheaper than RFID (radio-frequency identification) and hence does not impact service cost
  7. Streamlines lab processes
  8. Increases productivity and promises a safe environment
  9. Ensures the privacy of patient details

In this smartphone era wherein your android device can be equipped with a barcode scanner and an appropriate support application, it gives the end-user confidence and positively impacts every workflow. Barcodes close the loop in patient safety!

“Barcodes in blood tests breathe confidence in the process… It adds power, confidence, and accuracy in data handling”