Importance of preventive health care

effectiveness preventive health care

Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, weak body, impaired thyroid, and many more. All this could be avoided… know about preventive healthcare.

Importance Of Preventive Health Care

The words ‘prevention is better than cure ’ are often heard yet elude many of us as we tend to ignore our health more often than not. The human body is complex with cells, organs, and systems that work in harmony and coordination with each other. Any disease that affects one particular organ will eventually affect the entire body. So, in a disease when a particular organ is affected, its ramifications echo all over the body.

Maximum gain!!

To name a few, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and disorders of the liver, thyroid, and kidney are the few health issues that our body faces in this lifestyle that we live. What’s to be very keenly understood by us is that we can stay away from the wrath of these through early testing and detection.

  • So, if anyone in your family has diabetes, or your lifestyle is such that you are prone to such diseases you should look to get tested because there is every chance you can have it in the near future. This is where a test like HbA1c can help. This test in particular can warn you about pre-diabetic conditions and allow you to know the past 3 months’ track record in your body.
  • On similar grounds, if you have a bulgy stomach getting yourself tested for obesity and checking your cholesterol levels can warn you very early about any possible heart condition.
  • Moreover, if you are going through some drastic physiological changes, showing sudden weight gain or loss, dry skin, lethargic behavior and increased or decreased hunger it’s advisable you get your thyroid tested. However, for maximum gain, you should look to get these tests done regularly to foresee a disease and guard against it for a cure.
  • People who do a regular blood check-ups can monitor their hemoglobin level and predict any possible infection, adding another advantage to their kitty.
  • Our lifestyle that involves carefree intake of food and alcohol with no discretion further invites liver and kidney disorders. So, if you are regular at testing, you have done yourself a favor in monitoring your organ’s health and can predict any atrocious outcomes.

Deficiency can be fixed

In India, 22% live below the poverty line and many more face nutrition deficiency. Vitamin, mineral and nutritional deficient people face thyroid problems, weak bone structure, and anemia (low hemoglobin). These deficiencies, in the beginning, do not harm too much but later on, especially in growing teenagers and elderly people it can become a life-threatening disorder.

It’s all linked

What’s more noticeable is that diagnosis of one disease can indicate that the same person could be at the risk of developing other conditions. So if someone is diagnosed with obesity he or she can also develop diabetes or heart disease or even cancer for that matter.

Hence preventive care

The primary goal here is to get the maximum gain from testing and this works on a simple law. Frequent testing by you will eventually allow early detection. Hence, testing various parameters can warn you of any illness that can affect you. However, the frequency of various tests can change depending on the condition of a person.