Can Thyroid Cause Problems During Pregnancy?

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Thyroid During Pregnancy

Many of us are already aware of the fact that disturbance in hormonal secretions causes issues like weight gain, mood swings etc. But did you know that thyroid problem can affect your pregnancy as well? So, your thyroid dysfunction needs immediate medical attention doesn’t it?

As we already know, the thyroid is a “butterfly shaped gland”, situated in the neck region under your chin. This gland is responsible for the majority of the metabolic processes, which also includes reproductive function. The fluctuation in its secretion is in correlation with thyroid and pregnancy issues in women and disruption in the menstrual cycle. Having said that, getting your thyroid regulated with routine checkups and timely treatment can reduce the chances of fertility issues down the line.

1. Role of Thyroid During Pregnancy 

Studies have indicated that when women are pregnant, their demand for thyroid hormones increase making them more vulnerable to hypothyroidism. Moreover, impaired functional attributes of thyroid secretion can directly affect development of baby’s central nervous system. However it should be noted that, there is no direct evidence of miscarriage and/or pregnancy losses due to thyroid dysfunction. But this is certainly related to premature birth, low body weight of the baby and other complications. Its found that more than 10 out of every 100 women have reported postpartum thyroiditis; leading to lifetime complications, if not treated within specified time period.

2. How to Avoid Complications with Thyroid During Pregnancy?

Your baby is entirely dependent upon you for all his nutritional requirements, pre and post delivery. Although, the baby’s thyroid gland develops only after 12 weeks of gestation, it takes time for it to start functioning. Hence, it is advisable that whenever you plan to have a baby, you should keep your thyroid profile in check. This will certainly help you avoid unnecessary complications during and post pregnancy.

3. So What’s The Bottom Line?

For those who are really unaware of issue about thyroid during pregnancy, it is important to get your thyroid checked; more particularly if you have a genetic predisposition to the condition. If you are experiencing any of symptoms like irregular menstrual period, sudden weight gain or weight loss, frequent mood swings, insomnia or feeling sleepy all day; please visit your health advisor for better diagnosis and treatment.