What can preventive care prevent?


Diseases can be fought against, and disorders can be tackled, only when you catch them early… Know what Preventive Health Care can protect you from…

Importance of Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care is something we get to hear very frequently in today’s time. We are down with fever or cold, the seasonal ones due to factors that are somewhat beyond our control. But what about the disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and whatnot? Don’t you feel our changed eating pattern and way of living have much to do with it? So, like me, if you too believe that we ourselves are at fault to a great extent then we should definitely check our health with preventive care tests. Just as a mirror gives a reflection of your image these tests give a view of our health status.

Now the question is, what can it prevent?

To make it easy let’s think of all those diseases and disorders whose occurrence is influenced by our lifestyle. If at all you and I are not thinking along the same lines let me list it down for you asunder.

  1. Obesity- Testing to find out the cause of obesity can help plan a way to shed the kilos or stop further weight gain, thus preventing the accompanying complications like joint pain, diabetes, heart diseases, and so on.
  2. Diabetes- Identifying diabetes early will allow having good control on blood sugar levels before the condition damages other organs like the eyes, kidneys, heart, and nervous system.
  3. Thyroid disorder- Testing if your thyroid is working fine or not can stop a whole lot of other conditions like excess weight gain/loss, feeling too hot/cold, hair fall, over dry/moist skin, infertility issues, and many more.
  4. Kidney/Liver disorders- These two organs do not show any signs of damage until it’s too late to do anything, hence preventive testing is a necessity.
  5. Heart Diseases- Diseases of the heart can bring your life to a complete halt, so, any abnormality should be detected early to patch the damage.
  6. Blood disorders- Certain blood cell disorders are so mild that it slowly makes you weak, without you knowing about it, therefore needing a screen.
  7. Abnormal Lipid and cholesterol levels- It is a disorder too, that can damage your heart, blood vessels, and brain, thus, of utmost importance to be checked.
  8. Minerals and Vitamins deficiency- deficiency or excess levels can cause diseases, and so needs to be tested. As life is the biggest asset we have, the list can go on, with one disease linked to the other, all posing a threat to us. Yet each is the root for hundreds of other diseases. As we need to be vigilant with toddlers, because anything can happen the moment we remove our eyes from them; likewise health will always remain a child that needs preventive attention.