In the Kitchen with Arthritis: Foods to Avoid

Arthritis Food to Avoid
Arthritis Food to Avoid

Food to avoid for arthritis

Our plate of food consists of various vegetables, fruits, spices, dairy products, meats, poultry, herbs, etc. We consume everything without having proper knowledge about the benefits or harm they could cause to our health. Therefore, it becomes crucial to know what you consume, as some foods aggravate certain types of diseases like arthritis or inflammation, while some promote anti-inflammatory effects. Proper knowledge regarding this could help you choose only those foodstuffs that help to alleviate ailments and lead a healthy life.

A lot of people suffer from arthritis, a bone condition that occurs due to inflammation. For such individuals, it is crucial to keep a track on their diet. Eating the right type of food would assist in minimizing/avoiding inflammation and pain. Along with exercise, a proper diet that excludes the below-mentioned food could help an arthritic person optimize his/her health.

Check the following list and avoid consuming these foods to keep inflammation and pain at bay-

Processed Foods:-

fast food
Try to avoid eating processed foods like baked items, packaged snacks and meals, as these contain trans fats which can cause inflammation. Also, stay away from items whose label flashes hydrogenated oils, it helps to eliminate trans fats, which are not beneficial.

Red meat and greasy foods:-

Red meat is packed with saturated fats which causes inflammation and leads to high cholesterol. It is also comprised of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) that trigger inflammation mainly when the meat is grilled, cooked by broiling, frying, and roasting.

You should also avoid consuming greasy foods such as french fries, which contains trans fats and AGEs.

High-fat dairy and cheese:-

dairy products
Dairy products such as cheese, butter, mayonnaise, and margarine are all high in AGEs and saturated fats. These food items can contribute to inflammation and are to be avoided or moderately consumed.


Avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar, such as candies, chocolate, pastries, soda, etc., which may promote the production of proteins like cytokines in the body. Cytokines are known to trigger inflammation and pain. Therefore, always watch for food labels that indicate the presence of sucrose, fructose and maltose in the list of ingredients.

Refined grains:-


We consume refined grains in the form of white pasta, white bread, crackers, etc. Regular consumption of refined grains causes an upsurge in blood glucose levels, thus possibly worsening inflammation. On the other hand, individuals who are sensitive to gluten could experience inflammation and aching joints on consumption of grains and products that contain gluten.

Therefore, while a condition like arthritis is best managed by medication, having a conscious eating habit will also help in reducing arthritis-related inflammation and keep you fit and healthy.