In Arthritis- A Big NO to these Foods to avoid

Food For Arthritis

Food – Fighter or feeder for arthritis…!

The food we eat can either protect us or feed the disease because it has a direct impact on our health. Therefore, proper knowledge about what to eat or avoid is necessary especially for people with arthritis, because some food products can cause serious inflammation and make their condition even worse.

Arthritis is an inflammation condition in which people suffer from swelling and pain in joints. Proper diet can help to avoid the pain of arthritis while improper diet can worsen the condition.

What to restrict from kitchen…?

  • Refined carbohydrates– Processed products like white flour products (breads, rolls, crackers) white rice and white potatoes (instant mashed potatoes, or french fries) have adverse effects on arthritis. They have high-glycemic index which produce advanced glycation end (AGE) products that stimulate inflammation.
  • Processed food– High fat content is found in fast foods. Fried products (processed snack foods, frozen breakfast products, cookies and donuts) should be avoided from the regular diet.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco– A diuretic combination of alcohol and arthritis may lead to dehydration which worsens the joint pain. Also, chewing tobacco affects the arthritic person’s immunity, health and its medication and become an interruption in its treatment.
  • Refined sugars– Desserts, pastries, cake contain excess amount of sugars which initiate the production of inflammatory and pain inducing proteins like cytokines.
  • Fats and oils– Saturated fats are inflammatory in nature. Products like red meat, dairy products (butter, cheese, mayonnaise and margarine) contain high levels of saturated fats. Omega-6 fatty acids that are found in oils can also trigger the response to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals.