Exercise at Workplace for a Better Health

Exercise at Workplace

Exercise at Workplace for a Better Health An office is a place where we spend most of our time confined to a chair. This continues as we travel and reach home, and stick to our sofa and TV. Most of us do not even recognize what we are doing to our health. All this while, we are churning a recipe for illness and medical issues like spine-related injury, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), obesity, tense muscles, leg cramps, etc.

It is even more crucial to take care of your health during the long hours of office, as it increases not only our productivity but also our well-being. With the right diet, you should also incorporate a little exercise. If you do not get enough time to go in the open corridor, then you can also practice a few simple exercises while sitting on the chair. So, keep all the excuses aside and start with a little exercise. Over time you will notice a positive change in your overall well-being.

To break this sedentary lifestyle and make it healthy follow the below mentioned simple exercise –

Correct Posture-

Right posture is a formula to avoid spine-related problems. Maintain a 90°-90°-90° posture parameter while sitting on a chair. Rest your feet on the floor or on the footrest. Keep your spine straight and lean against the chair to gain proper curvature. Correct sitting posture will help you avoid hunching and spasms associated with it. You can also evade neck and back pain by maintaining the correct posture.

Exercise at Workplace


Stretching helps to get rid of pains or spasms. Proper stretching provides relief from back pain. Move your ear towards your shoulders and hold it for a few seconds. Then come back to normal position. Repeat this exercise a few more times.

Chest Opener-

To do this exercise, bring your arms backward as if you are trying to grab something between your shoulder blades. This exercise opens your chest and relaxes the muscles from around the shoulders.



Back extension-

Hold your hips and extend your spine/back by leaning backward. This will relax your spine and help relieve back pain.

Chair Aasan-

Sit in your chair with your legs crossed. Rest your arms on the handles and carefully raise a few inches above the seat with the help of your hands, muscles, and belly. Maintain this position for a few seconds and come to rest.

Five minutes fitness break-

You can avoid sitting in the lounge area during break time and instead take a brisk walk. Use stairs and avoid elevators, and do some stretching. If you drive to the office, then park your car far away and take a little walk.

These few Exercises at Workplace will give you the much-needed break from your hectic routine. You will feel much more relaxed, as the strain and weariness will fade. So, do not hold yourself back from attaining health goals and start practicing right away.