Healthy Diet: A Shift Towards Better Thyroid Nourishment


dietIf you are one of those millions of women and men, who are currently struggling with sudden brain fog, excessive hair loss, being sluggish all day, and extreme resistance towards your weight loss goals; then you are probably on thyroid high alert! With the symptomatic expression, your body is trying to guide you towards better thyroid nourishment; this can be achieved by tackling root causes of thyroid imbalance, such as poor thyroid diet, disturbed sleep patterns, stressful work-life situations, as well as mineral deficiencies.

Diet to Avoid For Thyroid.

Continue reading to know more about different superfoods that you can add to your thyroid diet; to help your pituitary gland function optimally for better thyroid balance.

1. Avoid Table Salt

Most of the urban dwellers rely on munching too much salt at any time of the day. As per the approved guidelines of USFDA; an adult should not consume more than 2,300mg sodium per day. Thus, avoid or minimize the use of table salt from your thyroid diet for a better outcome.

2. Say “No” to Heavily Processed Foods

Are we relying too much on the fast-food lifestyle? If more than 90% of the people answer “yes”; then we would understand the root cause of the thyroid pandemic. Heavily processed foods are often being referred to as “junk food” with empty calories. Moreover, many processed and/or canned foods contain higher quantities of sodium, other preservatives, and carcinogenic compounds; which can be dangerous if over consumed in any form.

3. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine being a very prominent neuro-stimulant can significantly mislead your hormonal system; especially adrenal glands and pituitary glands.caffeine

4. Do not Eat too Much at One Go

Eating until you’re fully stuffed can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar level, which will typically crash quickly. With these types of dietary stress busters, your body may experience significant hormonal trauma.

5. Eliminate Toxins from the Body

Higher intake of antibodies, steroids, and other free radicals can induce inflammatory responses in your body; creating a platform for autoimmune disorders. Thus, it is important to get rid your body of these toxins to regulate your endocrine system.

Being well aware of the medical condition or health issues you are experiencing; can sort out 50% of the problems. Get tested now to check if your thyroid gland is functioning well.