Underweight? Let’s Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Gain Weight

protienWhile 2 billion people worldwide are overweight, being underweight appears to be a beneficial problem to have in such a situation. However, being too thin or having difficulty gaining weight normally might have major health consequences. Let us focus on a few weight gain ideas for people who want to reach their ideal body weight in a healthy and natural way.

Underweight usually means having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5, however, the BMI in itself is insufficient to determine whether an individual is underweight or not. BMI considers only the height and weight of a person and excludes the muscle mass. Some people are naturally skinny and might fall under the underweight category but remain healthy.

Still, if you want to add few extra pounds to your weight then some healthy weight gain tips listed below might help you in adding those extra muscle mass to the body.

Things to do for gaining weight

1. High-calorie Intake:

Eating whatever you want is the ideal situation for everybody, still being mindful of quality over quantity is very important to gain weight naturally. Junk food contains high calories but it is filled with salts, sugars, and saturated fats which is harmful to the body. nutsAdding nutritious and calorie-rich foods like dried fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, avocadoss, and whole-grain foods will help you healthily gain weight.


2. Strength Training:  

Intense bodyweight training in the gym or at home helps immensely in gaining weight. Fundamental weight lifting exercises help in strengthening the muscles and increasing muscle mass.streching


3. Frequent Meals:

Having more meals throughout the day can help you consume more calories and gain weight. One way to do this is to break large meals into smaller portions and consume them on timely breaks.


4. Shakes and Supplements:

Adding protein shakes and weight-gain supplements to your diet can help immensely in increasing muscle mass as they are specifically formulated and targeted for gaining weight after an intense workout.fruits


5. High Protein Diet:

Muscles are made up of proteins and adding proteins such as legumes, meat, and fish to the diet is essential for healthy weight gain. However, proteins can be filling at times and result in loss of appetite, thereby, reducing your calorie intake, so be mindful in choosing the right diet plan for your weight-gain journey.