Weight Loss: Losing Fat or Losing Muscle? Let’s Find Out

Weight Loss Tips

Shedding off the extra pounds from your body is a herculean task. However, weight accounts for muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, and metabolism instead of only fat. So, the aim should be to reduce fat from the body and increase muscle gain. Listed below are a few weight loss tips that might help an individual for achieving the ideal weight.

Losing muscle weight instead of fat can be quite detrimental to health because it is quite unnatural for the body to target muscle instead of fat. Often shortcuts such as crash dieting can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and impact adversely through loss in essential body functions like movement, strength, and endurance.

The best way to identify a decrease in muscle mass is by noticing your reduced strength levels in doing the same number of reps in the gym or feeling sluggish the whole day after exercising. The entire point of exercise and proper nutrition is to make you feel active. However, often lack of a proper diet regime and incorrect training methods leads to a loss in muscle mass.

Few weight loss tips that can help you in losing those extra inches from your body in a healthy way are:

Weight Loss Tips

1. Not Skipping Breakfast: 

Breakfast adds essential nutrients to your diet. It helps you add healthy muscle weight in place of the lost fat in the gym, thereby, resulting in a toned body.


2. Adding Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to the Diet: 

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants required by the body after an intense workout.


3. Eating Regular Meals:

Regular meals are more beneficial to the body as they increase the metabolism of an individual rather than leading to cravings and stuffing fat and sugar-rich food.


4. Increasing Water Intake: 

Plenty of water intake throughout the day reduces the unnecessary craving for junk food. It also helps remove toxins from the body.water intake


5. Being Active Through Exercising: 

Exercising daily even for 15 minutes is a pro-weight loss tip. One can start with brisk walking or jogging and then switch to mid and high-intensity gym training. It is important for healthy muscle gain and losing extra body weight.streching