Fight obesity to keep your body healthy and disease free

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How to Fight obesity?

Nowadays there are so many before-after advertisements stating 100 % weight loss. These adds shows some thing magical transformation from the fat to fit. Obesity is emerging as biggest issue for India too as many people are facing the health problems related to obesity. Over-nutrition can be one of the cause for it. You can not always trick yourself, you need to take precautions when you know you are obsessed. It can be defined as body weight which is 30-40% more than ideal body weight. Obesity is serious world wide problem specially in America where it affects 1 in four Americans. The expenditure on treatment of obesity related diseases is 5-7 % of total health budget. In India 30 million people are suffering from obesity.

Hazards of obesity : following health problems are associated with obesity and to prevent them proper preventive health check up is necessary.

Hypertension Varicose veins Sleep Apnea  Cancer
Diabetes Gall stones Reduced fertility Atherosclerosis
Stroke  Osteoarthritis Hiatus Hernia  Respiratory Issues
Abnormal Blood Fats Coronary Heart


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  Metabolic Syndrome

Ways to prevent and control Obesity:

  1. Regular physical activity :The best way to battle against obesity is by daily exercise and jogging. Also to keep fit and maintain one can practice Yoga, aerobics, zumba dance for fitness, etc. Set goals for yourself and also consult a doctor before start of exercise programme.
  1. Maintaining diet : Not to have refined sugars and fats, high calories containing food, junk food. Increase your dietary fibre intake and adequate levels of essential nutrients.
    Change in behavior Modification : A strong motivation is much needed to follow strictly balance diet. More awareness about human body and how to nourish it can be provided via educational campaigns.
  2. Medically induced weight loss : One can also opt for medicines prescribed via doctor to healthcare professional to reduce weight. It can produce certain side effects if given without prior case study.
  3. Surgical treatment : Before under going surgical treatment all the pre-surgical tests can be done from pathology lab. After all the investigations are complete then only surgical treatments such as Gastric Sleeve resection, Gastric Bypass, and Adjustable Gastric Banding can be performed to shade off excess of fats deposits.

So, to conclude we can say that there is not just one way to fight obesity instead multiple preventions and precautionary measures with timely health check ups can tackle obesity.

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