Unexplained Infertility


Unexplained Infertility…

It sounds a bit tense in your ears, right? The term “infertility” is enough to deprive a couple of complete happiness and the desire to expand the family! Imagine adding insult to assault when the cause of infertility is unknown. What will happen? Yes, there is an aspect of the infertility problem called “unexplained infertility” because the cause cannot be identified or diagnosed.

The whole event related to the various stages of pregnancy, which is pregnant from the concept before the child is born, is famous for many people these days. Rights up to 9 months of pregnancy and delivery in the formation stage of the fetus; Each step is filled with a lot of factors that affect the presence of infertility terms. One of the steps can be crucial, and the rejection of any partner is important. The reason for infertility is a lot of people, a few people are known and compensate for handling or prevention. Echo (test papers) and doubt such as surrogate and doubt have helped to realize dreams about birth. But the person who continued under the dilemma said, “Why can not I do it?”

Unexplained infertility (also termed idiopathic infertility) is a condition wherein the cause for the existence of the malady is beyond the capabilities of medical science to decipher. It involves various factors and causes which become undetectable even after all the routine examinations involving analyzing the sperm from the male partner as well as assessing the fallopian tubes and the uterus of the woman. Pregnancy involves numerous events at the biochemical and molecular level which by and large are not always feasible to diagnose or understand. All such subtle factors that may get affected causing infertility come under the group of “Unexplained Infertility”.

Females are more prone to unexplained infertility…

It can be seen that a significant number of women face the dilemma of infertility that cannot be explained. Especially over the age of 35. But in such cases, the most probable conclusion is already known! Yes… the quality of the eggs. Although the cause here is known, infertility due to the quality of the egg is still considered infertility of unknown cause. This is mainly because not all women in this age group have reduced fertility and most women have stable menstrual cycles. Again, it is almost always impossible to analyze the quality of each egg.

IVF has answered their prayers!

Most couples with unexplained infertility seek relief from IVF. Most of these are couples who are unable to conceive after 3 or more cycles of intrauterine insemination or Clomid (an ovulation-mimicking drug) treatment. Moreover, IVF has proven to be a diagnostic tool for couples with unexplained infertility in addition to addressing infertility problems. Poor egg or sperm quality is best understood when couples do IVF. Additionally, causes of infertility that affect fertilization and fuel errors during embryonic development are better deciphered during IVF treatment.

Known or unexplained, infertility is manageable. Proper guidance and an appropriate approach by affected couples will surely help in eradicating this silent stressor!