Find the reasons for weakening knees with simple tests

Weakening Knees

More pain, no gain. Knee Pain dictates your movement, your life ?? Get them tested to route relief. Read more on knee testing.

Find the reasons for weakening knees with simple tests

Knees, support the entire structure of your body and many conditions can affect them. Weakening generally occurs in places where two bones meet and form the joint. These weak joints in your body give rise to pain, swelling, and problems in walking. Also with age, bones in the knees become porous and fragile giving rise to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (joint and bone diseases). Hence, early testing and diagnosis of your bone disorders can lead the way to a pain-free life.

Tests to check your knee health:

1. Vitamin D, Calcium & Phosphorus test:

Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and maintain phosphorus levels in your body, thereby supporting bone growth and formation. It also reduces the risk of fracture, particularly in elderly men and women. So it’s vital that you must get tested to know of any deficiency in your body.

2. Intact Parathyroid hormone test:

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is required for the maintenance and remodeling (form or shape) of your bone. It further regulates the calcium levels in the body hence, it an important to test. High levels of PTH can cause weak bone structure.

3. Alkaline Phosphatase, Zinc, and Magnesium test:

Alkaline phosphatase is involved in bone calcification a process that strengthens your bone. The levels of this enzyme are particularly high in growing kids. Zinc and magnesium are required for the activity of alkaline phosphatase. Hence measuring the levels of these three is important while checking our bone’s health.

4. Rheumatoid factor (RF) test:

RF is an antibody that is produced in our body and attacks our own cells. This causes pain and swelling giving rise to Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting your knees and other joints. Hence high levels of RF are detected in arthritic patients.

5. Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) test:

ANA is produced in your body to defend itself from foreign bacteria and protect from infections. However, ANA sometimes starts attacking the body’s own cells (autoimmune disease) giving rise to arthritis. High levels of ANA have been found in such patients. Pain in the knees can disarm your body’s strength hence, early detection will help you to address the cause and administer a cure for relief.