Signs and Symptoms That Your Liver Needs Attention


liverThe liver is explicitly responsible for metabolic activity, protein production, blood clotting, detoxification, and neutralizing toxins from the body. However, certain conditions like genetically inherited diseases, substance abuse, obesity, and certain viruses can damage liver function. Accordingly, this leads to liver disease that can be life-threatening. Besides, the identification of liver problems and symptoms at the right time can help in getting proper medical treatment and save the life of an individual.

Therefore, let’s know more about symptoms that might be indicating “your liver needs attention!”.

liver explained

Problems in Liver

Firstly liver problems and symptoms begin when the liver cells are injured and get damaged eventually due to various reasons like:


A genetically inherited disease from either of the parents can lead to liver diseases like Wilson’s disease, Hemochromatosis, or Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. These diseases lead to a build-up of substances in the liver significantly

2. Autoimmune disease: 

Consequently, autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, or primary biliary cholangitis are some of the common liver diseases caused due to attack of the immune system on the liver.

3. Viral infection: 

Hepatitis A, B, or C are some common viral infections caused due to food and water contamination, close contact with an infected person, spread through blood or semen, etc.

4. Cancer: 
Liver cancer, adenoma, or bile duct cancer can adversely damage liver function, therefore weakening the entire body.

5. Heatstroke and shock: 

Moreover intense physical activity in a hot environment or shock and infections like sepsis can damage the blood flow to the liver causing liver failure.

6. Toxins: 

Toxins from the environment like poisonous mushrooms (Amanita phalloides), carbon tetrachloride, varnishes, and other chemical compounds can cause acute liver failure.

7. Other reasons: 

Heavy substance abuse such as alcohol, certain drugs (acetaminophen), herbal compounds, and fat build-up in the liver, obesity, and consumption of fast food can consequently lead to irregular liver function and gradually damage the liver cells resulting in liver disease.

Symptoms of Liver Disease

Liver problems and symptoms can be identified by observing signs in patients:

  1. Urine color turning dark

  2. Swelling and pain in the abdominal region, legs, and ankles

  3. Yellowing of skin and eyes

  4. Fatigue

  5. Appetite loss

  6. Stool turns pale

  7. Vomiting or The feeling of nausea

  8. Easily bruised

  9. Itchy skin

Get tested immediately if you are facing the symptoms of liver disease.