A simple Hemoglobin test could answer many silent issues

Hemoglobin Test

Confused, which routine test to go for? Choose a hemoglobin test and get answers to many hidden health conditions. Share

A simple Hemoglobin test could be the answer to many silent issues!

You may be wondering how a simple hemoglobin test can tell about your health? And more importantly what actually is this hemoglobin? Well, Hemoglobin is one of the essential components of blood. It is found in red blood cells. Many diseases and disorders have a direct impact on the hemoglobin levels of our body.

When an easily affordable test is able to find out so many maladies, one can predict how worth this test is! Here are some symptoms that indicate the need for a hemoglobin test.

Symptoms of low hemoglobin:

  • 1. Increased heart beat
  • 2. Chest pain
  • 3. Pale skin
  • 4. Breathlessness

Symptoms of high hemoglobin:

  • 1. Increased sweating
  • 2. Headache
  • 3. Itchiness
  • 4. Exhaustion
  • 5. Abnormal weight loss

A hemoglobin test is capable of revealing various undetected conditions. Some of them are described below:

Blood and bone related problems

High and lows in hemoglobin in the bloodstream indicate the presence of bone marrow disorders (aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndrome). These disorders cause inaccurate production of blood cells. Blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma) can also affect the number of red blood cells.

Insufficiency of Nutrients

The deficiency of folate, iron and vitamin B12 in the body can be detected by hemoglobin tests results. These deficiencies generally arise due to reduced dietary intake of these vitamins.

Kidney Malfunctions

Disturbance in the levels of hemoglobin is found to be caused when the kidney does not function properly. In turn indicating kidney failure, kidney infection, or tumor in the kidneys.

Heart and Lung diseases

Fluctuations in the test results reflect the chances of lung and heart diseases, and infections ranging from minor to severe.

Internal bleeding

Sometimes a recent surgery can cause internal bleeding that may remain undetected. Hemoglobin test can provide a hint to the doctors about this blood loss.


A disease is easy to treat if diagnosed at the right time. In presence of symptoms that bring the focus towards any disease, one must not avoid or delay tests recommended by doctors at any cost.

“Diseases cannot be eliminated, though, early diagnosis and treatment can save a life”