Creating Awareness about Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Who is not aware of this lifestyle-inflicted condition? Diabetes mellitus (better known as ‘Diabetes’) has become a common disease of the present generation affecting old and young alike. While we have “Type 1 Diabetes” which is related to less or no production of insulin; there is “Type 2 Diabetes” which is majorly caused due to a resistance developed in the body to utilize insulin for effective management of blood sugar levels. Also, there exists a third type – termed “Gestational Diabetes”, a condition in pregnant women due to increased levels of blood sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes – A major health concern worldwide

Yes! The rate at which this non-communicable disease is growing, it has become a major health concern around the globe! But how do we cope with it? What is the cause for so many of us to succumb to this ‘sweet-killer’?

Well, by large, it is our lifestyle to be blamed for! The present generation is more indulgent in fast foods and all that appears appealing to their ‘taste buds’. This trend has very well contributed to giving rise to obesity which eventually forms a major risk factor for type 2 Diabetes.

Again technological advancements aimed at making our lives simple, less labor-intensive, and less tedious have got us, humans, to become completely dependent and less physically active.

How to prevent Diabetes?

More of physical activity

Get into a habit of regular exercise. Physical activity and exercise help in losing weight and hence lower blood sugar levels. Moreover, regular exercise boosts your immunity which again keeps a tab on your sugar levels.

Include fibrous foods in the diet

Increase the number of fibrous foods you consume. Fibrous foods take more amount of time in digestion and hence contribute to lessening the chances of shooting up your blood sugar levels. Also, they keep you full for a longer period, lessening binge eating habits. Fibrous foods again lower the risk of heart diseases and promote weight loss.

Whole grains are the best bet!

Have more whole grains foods in your diet as these aid in reducing the risk of diabetes. Whole grains also help to manage the blood sugar levels; so ensure to look at the label on that bread you buy to check if it is made from whole grains.

Lose weight!

Being overweight equally increases your risk of diabetes. Thus, losing that extra pound will not only decrease your diabetes risk but will also contribute to getting you a healthy and fit body!

Make healthier choices

Keeping a check on the carbs and maintaining the balance of fats, proteins help efficiently manage your weight and thus decrease diabetes chances. Excluding foods with more unhealthy carbs and white flour and include foods with more fiber content. Instead of driving, walk that little distance from your home to the supermarket. Lessen the intake of fast foods post working hours and go for healthy snacks like boiled sprouts, whole grain biscuits, etc.

Prevent the ‘sweet-killer’ before it silently creeps into your life. Cause if it does, it will bring many afflictions along…

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