Can your smartphone detect skin cancer?


Smartphone Detect Skin Cancer?

Believe it or not, almost every individual is addicted to his or her smartphone these days! Think about it, who can say no to a platform filled with limitless functionality and practical applicability in a compact and portable form in this fast-paced, dynamic life that we live in?! Checking messages, playing games, grabbing information and building contacts are some of the most common to-do’s we achieve using our tiny device. What is more, research studies have gone one step ahead by inventing an uncommon feature in smartphone that detects the appearance of skin cancer!

Skin being the largest organ of the body, is quite atypically the most neglected one; but when it comes to skin cancer if neglected, can definitely prove to be fatal. Uncontrolled division of cells in the body is the characteristic feature of cancer, and based on the type of cells and cancerous growth they are categorised into various types. This diversity gives us more the reason to worry about its early and accurate diagnosis.

The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston (UTHealth) found a way to connect smartphone to detect skin cancer via phone-based microscopy.

With a 90% detection accuracy as compared to a traditional light microscope, this technology may prove a highly efficient tool in detecting non-melanoma skin cancer.

Cure for cancer is a tough battle, thus the focus lies on a feasible diagnostic approach for early detection, for example aPET-CT scan! The modern world believes in quick results, and gadgets with their alluring technology might help us acquire faster as well as better answers. This smart phone based microscopy hopefully won’t take long to nestle in a physician’s palm and bridge the gap between detecting this dreadful menace to cure it.

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