Tests that help Diagnose Diabetes


Not sure about your blood sugar levels? Try these tests… It will address all your worries!!

Tests That Help Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes is a disorder in which blood sugar levels are increased Symptoms of diabetes often appear suddenly. You should get the sugar levels tested if you experience the following

Symptoms Of Diabetes

  1. Feeling thirsty frequently
  2. Having tiredness all the time
  3. Increased hunger
  4. Blurring of vision
  5. More than usual urination (frequency increases)
  6. Having sores or cuts that are not healing easily

Blood tests for Diabetes

HbA1 cTest

An HbA1c test is a useful tool that determines the level of sugar in the body. In the blood, sugar (glucose) is present in red blood cells (RBCs). Because RBCs have a lifespan of three months, average sugar levels for the past three months can be evaluated. Usually, it is recommended for detecting and monitoring blood sugar, especially for type 2 diabetic individuals. Unlike other blood tests, this testing does not require fasting and is a good marker for long time sugar control.

Fasting Glucose Test

It involves the testing of blood when the patient has not eaten anything for at least 8 to 12 hours. The abnormal test results mean that the patient has an alteration in blood sugar levels.

Post Prandial Blood glucose Test

Testing of blood sugar levels after two hours of the meal is known as a postprandial blood sugar test. It is done to see how your body utilizes sugar after a meal. If this test reflects high sugar levels, diabetes is indicated.

Random Blood Sugar Test

Random Blood Sugar Test allows for determining the level of blood sugar in the body at any time, no matter when one ate last.

Oral Glucose Tolerance (OGTT) Test

The test measures the body’s ability to absorb sugar (glucose) after the consumption of a specific amount of sugar. Altered reading of OGTT tells the patient has an abnormal tendency to utilize glucose. It is useful in Pregnancy to detect Gestational Diabetes.

The facile attitude may make diabetes a big issue, However, with the power of tests, it can be managed with ease!