Key Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

Walking through the paths of life can bless us with many health benefits for life… Read on to know what advantages Walking offers.

Key Benefits of Walking

Walking is the best exercise believed by many doctors. It is not just good for losing weight but also helps in lowering your blood pressure, managing diabetes, fighting joint problems (arthritis), keeps away your depression…..

Walking doesn’t take more than a pair of shoes. It is the most simple and easiest exercise to do.

Walking reduces the risk of several diseases and unlike other forms of exercise, it doesn’t require an instructor or training, can be done any time and anywhere. It is great for kids, adults and is recommended for old ones.

Hippocrates once recognized walking as a man’s best medicine. It improves your overall health and can also increase your stamina, strength, and endurance.

Listed below are the five benefits of walking- Cuts your belly fat

Regular walking is a great exercise to burn fat particularly for those who are overweight. As in the majority of cases, body fat is due to a lack of exercise and movement. Walking leads to weight loss, as just 45 minutes of walking burns around 200 calories.

Stress, Mood & Sleep –

By boosting your endorphins (brain chemicals that relieve you from pain and stress levels), giving you more energy, and setting a non-stressful environment, walking reduce stress levels and enhances your mood. Additionally, walking is believed to be beneficial for individuals suffering from insomnia (inability to sleep).

Good for your muscles and bones

Regular walking tones your leg muscles and strengthens your bones. It can prevent the loss of bone mass caused due to osteoporosis (a form of arthritis in which bone becomes weak and brittle) and can also reduce the risk of hip fractures. Likewise, walking also reduces arthritis-related joint pain and can prevent different forms of arthritis.

Lowers your blood pressure

Individuals suffering from high blood pressure are at risk of serious health conditions like stroke or heart disease. Among the exercises known to maintain blood pressure at normal rates, first comes walking. Taking a walk 3 times a day is considered to have the same effects on your blood pressure levels as 30 minutes of intense workout.

Walking and diabetes

Walking helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and also improves the ability of the muscles to absorb glucose and the body to use insulin, thus, preventing the overall risk of type 2 diabetes.