Belly Fat Menace To The Heart

Belly Fat & Health Issue

Heart trouble comes along with fat trouble! Get rid of this double trouble and understand your health with this article. Read ahead…

Belly Fat Menace To The Heart

A growing fat around your waist or too much accumulation of the same on your stomach makes you obese. This is commonly referred to as belly fat and has troubled more than 60 crore people around the world. What’s noticeably worrying for such people is that obesity commonly leads to heart diseases. The number of deaths due to heart diseases does not paint a pretty picture; it costs 17 crore lives every year and will continue to do so with rising in obesity.

Whom to blame??

  • Our lifestyle and disordered eating ways take majority of the blame for this vicious connection.
  • High intake of carbohydrates and sugars along with little physical activity, has doomed us to develop a bulgy stomach. Thus, this troubling lifestyle invites obesity and often leads heart diseases.
  • One of them being, Atherosclerosis, where the arteries that carry oxygenated blood from our heart to the rest of the body gets blocked because of bad cholesterol. This condition makes obese people a ticking time bomb to suffer a heart attack.
  • Diabetes is not far behind in such people and often contribute to making this a deadly triangle.

Like father like son ??

As you have observed, obesity has also been shown to pass from one generation to the other and with risks of causing heart diseases. The reason for that is in your genes. Modern sciences have proved that there are at least 56 genes that control obesity and heart ailments. So if your parents or grandparents have any of this, you must take extra precaution and care to be healthy.

What can help?

It’s important that we control and improve our diet quality, eat raw fruits and vegetables along with low intake of sugar-rich food. Also, an increase in physical activity can set us to a healthier heart and body.
A complete no-no to alcohol and smoking will further your case to health and fitness.

So can testing help?

Obesity and heart diseases can be reversed if you are cautious enough to go through early testing and diagnosis. Testing the levels of your hormones, blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids can predict many diseases. Hence preventive health care which involves these tests acts as a boon in the entire health care industry.

After all, it’s your call

So what we consume gets reflected on our belly and further on our fitness. It’s of paramount importance that we strive hard to understand the risks associated with obesity and heart diseases to enhance our understanding of this. Hence a controlled diet along with growing awareness can guard us for a better future.