Know now on bad cholesterol- LDL!

Bad Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol, an evil for your heart. Deflect LDL linked diseases and attract life through this article

Know now about bad cholesterol- LDL!

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as ‘LDL – Cholesterol’ or bad cholesterol is a type of cholesterol associated with low-density lipoproteins. It is also the major type of cholesterol present in an individual.

Why a ‘Bad’ Cholesterol?

Though LDL is an important type of fat required in our body, excess levels of the same can pose danger and increase risk towards heart problems thus terming it as ‘bad cholesterol.

Why Heart Problems?

LDL cholesterol, when present in more than the required amounts in blood, can eventually get deposited on the arterial walls forming plaque-like substances. If these plaques keep increasing in number, it ultimately leads to blocking the natural flow of blood through the arteries; posing a risk towards heart attack and stroke.

Levels of LDL-Cholesterol

Levels of LDL cholesterol can either be calculated in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or millimoles per liter (mmol/L). Considering the different ranges of LDL-Cholesterol its levels can be termed as follows:

Levels (mg/dL) Interpretation
< 100 Optimal
100 – 129 Near/Above Optimal
130 – 159 Borderline high
160-189 High
> 190 Very High

Who is at risk? –

Regardless of your health conditions, it is advisable to go for a regular lipid profile check which will not only decipher the increase in levels of LDL cholesterol but also analyze other types of cholesterol present in the blood. Moreover, individuals who can be at risk of elevated LDL-cholesterol levels include, people with:

  • Inherited genes from parents
  • Familial history
  • Overweight issues
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Age & Ethnicity
  • Medical history

Reward yourself with the diet and lifestyle that make you shine! Don’t load your body with bad cholesterol… It can drive you to the path of maladies of the heart.