Say Bye to Lifestyle Diseases!

Say Bye To Lifestyle Diseases

A sedentary lifestyle can hit us with lifestyle diseases. The way we live our lives has a direct effect on our health. Irregular diet, lack of physical activity, and sedentary living style may cause obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol which increase the chances of diseases like Heart ailments and Diabetes.

Here are some tricks to stay away from these diseases-

1. Eat healthily:

We all consume regular meals yet do not have the same health. This is because we eat inadequately nutritious food. Our meal must contain the right amount of fruits, green vegetables, nuts, and cereals.

2. Reconsider traveling and transportation options:

Innovate traveling to works place. Choosing a cycle over a vehicle is the best alternative.

3. Reorganize office sitting:

Continuously sitting and working for hours can be tiresome. Therefore, walk and talk if company rules allow or stand while eating your meal.

4. Hydrate yourself:

Water increases satiety. It helps to boost your metabolic rate and lose weight. Also, drinking water in short intervals is important. Consumption of cold water is better than warm water because the body consumes extra calories to heat the water to body temperature.

5. Power yoga:

Practicing yoga provides both mental and physical benefits and it brings to body and mind together. This powerful exercise incorporates breathing exercise, meditation, and posture that are designed to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.