Your neck can tell you if you are at risk for diabetes…..!

Risk for diabetes

Surprised! Yes, even your neck can alarm you of diabetes! Read on to know how…

Your neck can tell you if you are at risk for diabetes …..!

The key is to catch these signs early enough for diagnosis, and prevent the progression of prediabetes to diabetes…!

Do you know, just by looking at a person, we can tell that whether he or she may suffer from diabetes or not. Simple signs present at the neck, if noticed carefully can help us to identify the possibility of developing diabetes. Rare to hear, but it’s true…..!

Skin discoloration is one of the first indicators of prediabetes (phase just before diabetes). Skin problems like darkening around the neck are usually ignored and are thought to have emerged from an unhygienic lifestyle or repeated friction of accessories. But, actually, they signal the medical condition called ‘Acanthosis Nigerians.

Skin discoloration is found in as many as 1 out of 3 diabetic patients. The presence of these visual signs indicate the need for diabetes diagnosis:

  • Skin darkening, creases and folds: A dark velvety patch with creases and folds at the neck is an indicator of too much insulin (hormone that regulate blood sugar) in the body.
  • Neck pain: Many people are not aware that neck pain can be an alarming sign of diabetes. People ignore it by assuming it to be normal pain and not the symptom of a disease.
  • Double chin: Mostly seen in obese people, which occur due to excessive deposition of fat below chin.
  • Hardening and thickening of skin: The skin become dark brown in this condition, get slightly raised, look velvety and is hard. Apart from neck it is also found in armpits.

The management of diabetes requires timely detection of prediabetes that may be helpful to halt its progression to diabetes.