Warning Signs of Kidney Infection!

Kidney Infection

Kidney pain, frequent urination, fever, or blood in urine, are the ways of your kidneys to tell about an underlying kidney infection…

Warning Signs of Kidney Infection!

Kidneys; widely described as bean-shaped organ located on both sides of the spine below ribs and is better known for filtering your blood.
It helps in removing waste out of the body through urine, maintains electrolyte levels in the body.
With so many functions, it is also challenged by various factors affecting its functioning.
These factors can be collectively called kidney-related conditions and most of them are regularly referred to as quiet conditions; mainly due to the fact that most people don’t discover any symptoms until it gets advanced.

Kidney Infections

Kidney infection or Pyelonephritis is one such condition affecting one or both kidneys. It can be caused due to bacteria or viruses which first affect the urinary bladder and if left untreated progress to infect the kidneys.
It is more common in women than men.

Warning Signs of Kidney Infections

  • Pain– A dull pain could also radiate towards the lower back and genital area. Pain on the kidney is common during infection. However, degree of pain may vary depending upon the individual and the severity of infection, as some don’t even feel any pain.
  • Frequent urination– Moments after using the washroom, still, having the urge to pass urine? Well, frequent urination or urge to urinate more often are one of the initial signs of a kidney infections. This may combine with the pressure in lower abdomen. Additionally, urine may be cloudy along with a foul smell.
    • Fatigue It may also lead to fatigue or lack of energy making you feel weak. Often, daily tasks and routine activities become a challenge even if it doesn’t require any great effort. Patients often complain of feeling sleepy.
    • Fever Fever more than 100° F is commonly observed just like in any other infection. Fever is an indicator of the bacteria’s presence for some time. It can vary from mild to high grade and is commonly accompanied with chills.
    • Blood in urine Severe infections can lead to traces of blood in urine. It can be the result of disturbed kidney functions as the kidneysare not able to properly filter the blood. This condition is called Hematuria.

These warning signs of your kidneys are something you may many times miss, as they might be subtle. However, picking up these signs early and taking up preventive screening is what can only protect your kidneys before it is too late to identify any ailment.