International Men’s Day 2022

International Men’s Day 2022

He hits off an alarm and begins his day. Shaking off his fears, he steps out to take on endless challenges. He may not answer your calls or spend time with you for days. Far away from home, in the corporate world, he strives hard to prove himself. It’s difficult for him to gather courage and tell you he loves you, but he wishes for his father to pat his back and say, “beta, I’m proud of you.” Every morning when he makes his own coffee, he knows it can’t top maa ke hath ki adrak wali chaai. Gulping down his feelings with it, he lets the days go by.

Sometimes, he raises his hand when his kid has been mischievous. But he never tells anyone how much in return it hurts. It’s hard for him to show his softness and come wipe your tears. A fulfilled life for you is the only goal he’s been running behind for years. He often stays out late working to earn extra for family. Don’t be mad at him for being late for your birthday. He knows the sweat on his forehead is the only way to put a smile on your face.

He does whatever it takes to clear your doubts. He just wants to ensure his wife feels at home in a strange house. He comes home late and hugs you tight, when you ask him what’s wrong, he tells you “Don’t worry. Everything is alright.” He carries a mountain of responsibilities over his head, in a mere hope that you will show him the way up ahead. He may not put his love in words, but at your one tear, he will turn against the whole world.

You don’t compulsorily have to tie him a raakhi. It’s imbibed in him to care for your safety. He fights with you over a TV remote and steals your food, but he always comes back to make you laugh and lift up your mood. Growing up with him were the most memorable childhood times. No matter how far you go, he will always be the best man in your life.

But wait for a second… 

Take a look at his face. After all these years, he is tired now and clearly stressed. Yet he doesn’t ask for anyone’s help, because he has always been told, “You have to do it all by yourself.” So, when things get tough and the tough gets going, he locks himself in a room and cries alone without anyone knowing. He takes a deep breath, wipes his face, and steps out, flawlessly masking his pain. In the daily struggle, he hampers his health. Deep down he wonders if anyone really cares.

He is secretly waiting for someone to ask him, “How are you?” He is waiting to let his guard down and cry his eyes out to you. Everything that’s bottled up in him is looking for an outlet. Just for once, he wants to be accepted for who he is and not be this thick-skinned alpha-male. Although he never asks for it, he needs us to show him some love and care.

Happy International Men’s Day to all the men out there! We want to tell you that you are not alone; we are here to care for your health. A big thank you for everything that you do.