Wellness Matters



Preventive healthcare

We all talk about wellness and its importance; every-other social media site is discussing and giving tips on how to achieve well-being. In general terms, wellness is a broad subject, it is not only confined to maintaining disease free body, but also emphasizes upon awareness, choices and actions for achieving healthy and fulfilling life. Take an instance of a person, who is living a regular life and is not fully aware of the importance of a nutritional diet, physical exercise and regular preventive health check-ups. This person may be disease free but misconceives it as wellness. Such a person can be anyone amongst us. Even you and I could’ve as easily fallen prey to any widespread misconception as this one.

What is Wellness?

In general terms – wellness is a state of being in an optimum health. It is an active process of getting aware and taking actions to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. In this blog we are focusing on physical wellness and ways to achieve it via preventative healthcare solutions.

Why it matters?

We all aim at attaining overall well-being to live a high quality life. Anything we do or every emotion we feel is directly associated with our well-being. It affects our emotions and actions. So how to achieve well-being? It is a continuous process, therefore, it is crucial for us to gain optimal wellness to combat stress, minimize the possibility of diseases and establish positive interactions.

How Preventative Healthcare leads to Wellness? 

Although the preventative healthcare sector has been playing a major role in creating awareness and redefining wellness to the Indian population. As a habitual system, we generally ignore our health unless we fall sick. However, with the commencement of preventative healthcare brands, understanding regarding regular check-ups and diagnostic has gone to another level.

Thyrocare takes the pedestal when it comes to providing world-class and high quality diagnostic solutions at affordable rates to the Indian sub-continent and now, globally.

These preventive healthcare packages have been made available by Thyrocare under the Aarogyam and Wellness umbrella and cover almost all pathological tests. These packages help us keep a track on our health status, thereby, assisting us to achieve over-all well-being. With the use of these tests/profiles you can be knowledgeable about and control any ongoing abnormality and prevent upcoming diseases.

Thyrocare’s Wellness Packages – How to achieve well-being

  • A1C Diabetic
  • Aarogyam 1.8, Aarogyam XL
  • Wellness – Silver, platinum, gold, bronze
  • Diabetes Panel
  • Vitamin Panel
  • Thyroid Panel

With a mission to cater to the needs of all including the people who cannot afford it, Thyrocare offers all the test/profiles at pocket friendly prices.

Overall, wellness matters and it’s easy to achieve through preventative care.