Office Ergonomics – Five Ways To Build A Right Workplace


Many of us spend our time in office sitting continuously before the computer or a laptop with moving or getting up from the place becoming almost negligible; eventually which brings in typical ‘office body’ health problems like pain in the back, neck and shoulder along with the hunched-over body posture. An add-on to such sedentary corporate lifestyle, it also contributes towards increasing a risk of becoming obese and open doors to various diseases. Surprisingly, it is also found that workplace related stress also leads to increased risk of developing type II diabetes by 2 fold. Hence, it becomes important to routinely undergo corporate health checkup to take right steps towards balancing your health & work load.

Luckily, there are few ways to cope from health fate in the office with the help of ‘Ergonomics’ to design your workplace in order to suits you and make your work environment comfortable. Implementation of these ergonomics tips will help lead to maximum efficiency & the highest productivity. These includes choosing of the right chair, correct equipment placing, work desk spacing and maintaining of good posture while working. Ergonomics also helps to prevent any work place injuries which are very commonly observed.

Here are few ergonomics tips that you can follow :

  1. Select your chair carefully :

While selecting the chair, make sure it supports your spinal cord. Another important aspect is adjusting height of your chair such that your feet rest on the floor with thighs parallel to it. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed completely by adjusting armrests.

  1. Keep frequently required objects in the close vicinity :

Always remember to keep objects which you frequently need like, telephone, print outs, stapler, water bottle, writing pad, etc. within your hands reach. Also, stand for reaching objects that cannot be comfortably reached while sitting.

  1. Placement of your mouse & keyboard :

Place your mouse & keyboard in such a way that, while using these your wrists will remain straight & your hands are slightly above the elbow’s level. Adjust mouse settings so that even on soft touch it can be operated to avoid excess strain on the fingers.

  1. Take extra care of your eyes with workplace modifications :

Keep monitor at least an arm’s distance away & also, do not place monitor opposite a window to avoid light reflection.

  1. Arrange your files properly :

Make sure only those files which you require frequently are kept on the desk; others files can be kept in the shelf. This will help in avoiding the lifting of whole bundle & then searching for particular file which can waste your energy as well as time.