Obesity Might Increase the Cancer Risk, Know How?


“I am fat because my mother makes tasty food” is a confession almost every obese person makes! Carrying some extra pounds is considered to be a sign of content, foody and a happy lifestyle by many. But does any one think beyond it ? Has anyone ever thought about the indirect adversities that arise due to obesity? Diabetes, increased risk of heart diseases, blood pressure, infertility and stroke are stereotypical companions of obesity. But little do people know that steadily lurking foe “CANCER” can be an unforeseen result of obesity too.

Impact of FAT on body

  • Insulin, a hormone that helps the body utlize glucose, is influenced by the free fatty acid accumulation in the body. So when a diet rich in fat is consumed there are alterations in glucose uptake. Insulin now acts as a switch on for rapid cell division, resulting into cancerous growth.
  • Fat cause estrogen production. Excess estrogen production leads to unwanted cell division i.e. Cancerous growth.
  • Accumulated fat cells alter the job of macrophages (cells that clears cell debris), increasing the levels of fat cells and macrophages leading to chronic inflammation, elevating the chances of cancer.

Signs & Symptoms of Cancer in obese 

  • Formation of Lumps in breasts and other body parts
  • Unusual bleeding in stools (rectal cancer)
  • Development of white patches in mouth or on the tongue
  • Prolonged constipation(sign of colon cancer)

Obesity also links to development of various cancers, including the risk of cancers in

  • Breast
  • Oesophagus
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Ovary
  • Gall bladder
  • Endometrium

Mostly all the contributing factors of obesity affect everyone similarly. But not all the obese individuals show signs of inflammation or insulin fluctuations as these exhibit a very complicated interlink, giving rise to cancer.
Its high time one considers obesity (an anomaly) as a possible threat for the increasing graph of cancer struck victims taking a toll on humanity!

Keep a check on those extra pounds you consume, not just to fit in your favourite pair of jeans but to be fit in your desired lifestyle.