Sunday, August 16, 2020
The Curse of The Couch Potato - Get moving!

The Curse of The Couch Potato – Get Moving!

Today is the age of stagnation! We eat sitting at a place, work all day on the same chair, even travel without moving ourselves....

Common cold in kids can cause Diabetes, too!

With monsoon around the corner, sneezes and sniffles will be heard everywhere! The culprit responsible is one of the most common infectious diseases of...

Sleep deprivation may lead to Diabetes

A disturbed circadian rhythm can spike your blood sugar levels! One may wonder how is it possible that lack of shut-eye can lead to...

Now, Air Pollution can cause Diabetes, too!

India may be lagging behind World’s developed countries on economic indicators but surely has outsmarted them in global issues like environmental degradation, population explosion...

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